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How to Build Effective Portable Microphone Studio Vocal Booth

by Arrow Zoom Limited 29 Jul 2020

Difficulty: Average


      Does a stand for sound isolation work? If your home recording studio only takes up a portion of a room, vocal booths are a good choice. That's because a home vocal booth isolates your voice from the rest of the room, which in turn provides less reverb and less chance of lopsided sound reflections. The best approach to minimize background reflections in portable vocal booths would be to remove the echo so it can disperse into the air, but it often stops any returned reflections from entering the microphone.

    Arrowzoom's Isolation Box is highly recommended due to its portability feature. Different-vision, a YouTube audio and technology content creator shared his experience using Arrowzoom's Isolation Box. In his video, you will notice the transition of a sound that has reverb & echo going to a sound that has a great audio quality. That's because it is a basic feature of these compact vocal booths to shield the microphone from ambient noise. Their major engineering goal is to eliminate the capturing of room reflections from the captured source.

To set up your isolation voice box, you can follow the instructions below:

Step 1:

      Arrowzoom Isolation Box comes in vacuum-sealed packaging to save on space and room for shipping. You can let the Pyramid Acoustic Foams stay for around 24 to 48 hours in a large open space for the foams to return to their original form or you can even soak it gently in the tub. Growing it in a large open area after washing, and wait for it to dry.

Step 2:

      Once the foams are already restored to its original shape, you may now install the foams by opening the portable box and add the base. Make sure that the portable box doesn't have any dust residue for it to hold in its place.

Steps 3:

      Setup using Arrowzoom Sticky Tabs. Install sticky tabs on each corner of the pyramid foam and attach it to 3 sides of the panel and 1 on the base part. You can now start installing the foams inside the portable box after adding the sticky tabs into the back part of the Acoustic foam. Still, ensure the pressure is used when the foams are mounted. The more leverage you put, the easier it is going to be to get off.


      If you are renting, has limited space or needs to travel from 1 point to another. Portable vocal booth has the big benefit that they can be conveniently disassembled, shipped, and reassembled in a new place. Portable vocal booths are also less costly, as they are constructed of lightweight materials and are designed for easy deployment. These components imply reduced cost as there is no need to employ additional labor to construct and uninstall the booth and thus no need for expensive equipment to complete the structure.
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