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3 Easy Steps on How to Build a Professional Level Gaming Setup

by Arrow Zoom Limited 06 Aug 2020


As we discussed on a budget in our article regarding music and gaming, typically funding is limited for a studio upgrading. The positive thing is that there are loads of forms you can make up for that, and for weeks on end, they don't have to include deprive yourself of eating yummy foods! Constructing a DIY gaming studio setup is one of the easiest ways for gamer on a small budget to cut costs. Since most gamers are not also as good as carpenters, we've put together a few easy tips about how to create your gaming studio to help you off.

Creating your gaming studio requires considerable sweat and time for you to achieve your dream gaming setup. Seek not to lose momentum or get frustrated while you hack away at building your studio. Also, when you're done, you'll finally have your gaming room, which you can easily access, where you can play and stream anytime you want.

According to Avarupt, a technology and gaming content creator shares that you can still achieve a Professional level gaming setup by just having the basic materials. In their video, they share that you can incorporate different materials like LED lights to make your studio look more professional.
3 Easy Steps on How to Build a Professional Level Gaming Setup:




Look for the right location

This is one of the stuff people fail to realize, but talk of where you should place it in your room. You can spend a lot of time there, and it will be as comfortable, open and as pleasant as possible anywhere. Whether you're sneaking out of your house, or you don't like the way the guest room sounds, just make the place yourself palatable or position your workspace anywhere else. Set up a workshop that you think you're going to be reluctant to use.

Prepare your Acoustic Foams

Restore the Arrowzoom Hemisphere Grid Foams into their original shape by separating them from the package in a vacuum seal. Let it stay for around 24-48 hours in a large open area, or soak it in water and let it dry up. Water is a strong part or restoring the form of foams. If the foams are back to their original form, you can now add the Arrowzoom Sticky tabs on any corner of the foams. Peel off the tab of paper to reveal the adhesive. Ensure sure the location where you will be mounting the foam is dust-free and clear. Be sure the adhesive side of the tape is not tainted with waste.

Install the foams.

Once all the sticky tabs are added to the acoustic foams, line up the foams carefully in the area that you want it to be put. Use pressure on the wall when mounting the foams, then press it to hold it in place for around 30 seconds. In this part, you may also put LED lights in between of your acoustic foams to make it more exciting and professional looking.
It's not always quick and easy building your own home gaming studio. But with a bit of persistence, a few YouTube videos, and probably some tests, you'll be well on your way to loving a gaming studio that you made on your own.
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