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Self Adhesive Acoustic Foam Panels

by Arrow Zoom Limited 18 Jan 2022

Sound waves, similar to light, can pass through small holes, walls, and ceiling openings. As a result, places like churches, gymnasiums, restaurants, home theaters, manufacturing facilities, offices, and auditoriums can be great sources of noise if the sound waves from within aren’t altered or absorbed. Luckily, acoustic foam can help reduce or alter the noise because acoustic foam is porous and can easily absorb noise. By controlling the reverberation made by sounds, the acoustic foam helps keep sound waves manageable, reducing noise.

To improve the quality of sound in a room, experts will install acoustic foam in corners or strategic areas where optimal sound mixes are required. The acoustic foam will act as a bass trap to help reduce sound echoes and the effect of loud noise in a large hall or tiny room. Acoustic foam panels perform their function of reducing sound wave amplitude by dissipating them as heat. This explains why you need good air gaps between the walls and the panels for the acoustic foam to dissipate sound energy and convert it to heat. Hipyo Tech, an influencer with over 322K subscriber recently did an unboxing review of self adhesive acoustic panels. 

Self Adhesive Panels offer an easier way of installation and faster method. This will help you save time and worth the investment. No need for screws, cutting tape, or nails. Simply peel off and attach to your wall. 



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