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Easy Steps on How to Improve Audio Quality and Aesthetics of your Room

by Arrow Zoom Limited 27 May 2020



In a busy metropolis, we all want to get a direct small space or a small world. For example, a quiet study room, independent game room, relaxing sleeping room, etc. For moments like these, we need an acoustic foam to help us. Easy installation and sound-absorbing features are the key characteristics of Acoustic Foam. We can easily mount the Acoustic Foam and give your room a soundproofing makeover. 
White is simplistic and elegant. A lot of people like to use it to be a keynote of the room. But a single color arrangement will make it too dull. We can use some Acoustic Foam to help us. This also the same experience with Shevon Salmon. He is a technology and lifestyle content creator on YouTube. If you have a similar situation, it is perfect for people like him who work in film.
Acoustic Foam helps to reduce the background echo and it's also a must-have for singers or musicians or even streamers like for twitch. If you want to focus on them for aesthetics, it also suitable for you, because it can also be a great decoration. In this article, we will share with you the 2 easy steps on how to install acoustic foams.


Reshape The Foams
Arrowzoom Acoustic Foams comes in vacuum-sealed packaging. To be able to restore the foams from its original shape, you may place it in an open space or soak it in water and let it dry for 1 to two days.
Peel Off The Sticky Tabs
It was fairly easy to install since they came with 24 pack Sticky Tabs. Arrowzoom's Sticky Tabs also has strong adhesion. It is suitable for people who are not allowed to drill holes in the wall. All you need to do is to remove all the dust on your wall and make sure that it is clean before installing the foams. When all is set and done, just peel off the sticky and attach it to the wall. You may also add different ornaments to your room if you want too.
If you want to make a quiet and beautiful room like Shevon Salmon with different patterns, you can try black and white gray Acoustic Foams to soundproof your room.




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