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by Arrow Zoom Limited 16 Nov 2022

Creative Solutions for Noisy Classrooms

Can you imagine what it would be like if a large number of children were in the room? Or the volume of noise both inside and outside the room? This noise is one of the most common problems in school areas (such as lecture halls, auditoriums, gyms, multi-purpose spaces, etc.), requiring creative acoustic solutions.

Adding sound-absorbing solutions to the classroom, such as Arrowzoom wall and ceiling products, can help with distracting noise by reducing reverberation time and limiting the amount of sound that travels freely around the room. By limiting the reflection of sound in space, absorption products reduce echo and reverberation.

Let's explore some creative solutions to get rid of classroom noise!

Arrowzoon Window Inserts

Windows are too often a source of noise transmission. Single glass creates practically no barrier to sound passing through it. The ideal solution to eliminate sound problems is to install an Arrowzoom soundproof window with higher barrier performance. Our soundproof interior and exterior windows are an affordable, noise-reducing, and highly efficient solution.

Echo Eliminator panels

The echo is picked up and recorded when the soundbars are introduced into the classroom. As the background noise subsides, the noise of the crowd subsides, and greater clarity of the original sound is restored. Ease of communication is back as the classroom becomes the healthier learning environment you're looking for. It's all about echo control, and our echo eliminator panels will give you exactly the quality you're looking for.

Flooring Underlays

Acoustic floor underlays are one of the most effective ways to improve the overall classroom atmosphere and reduce ambient noise intrusion if selected and installed correctly.

The sole function of an acoustic floor underlay is to reduce the amount of floor impact sound from falling objects, footsteps, and movement of furniture on hard floors in any building. It's these little everyday noises, especially during the quieter times of the day, that over time can stress us out in what should otherwise be relaxing.

Polyester Panels

A simple and versatile choice to accent and outfit your class, Polyester panels can be easily attached directly to walls and ceilings with Z-clamps. Available in various colors, these polyester panels are fungus-resistant, allergy-free, and free of chemical irritants or formaldehyde. Silencing the classroom has never been easier.

Arrowzoom Acoustic Foam & Sound Absorption Panels

The noise inside the class may not be the source of your audio problem. Sound from other places, such as corridors, other classrooms, and streets, can seep in and be very distracting. We have several soundproofing options to help. Our Acoustic Foam and Sound-Absorbing panels effectively reduce sound entering or exiting a room through walls, doors, and windows.

Arrowzoom: Your Interior Sound Solution

In addition to these creative solutions, Arrowzoom offers dozens of additional options to help create your students' ideal sound environment.

So, whether you are building, buying, developing, or designing the latest place to live, relax, or regenerate, remember that a sustainable built environment is more than low energy use and green materials; but is also about being a healthy place to live.

Efficient acoustics processing in the classroom can be challenging. For more information about acoustic solutions or to help with your project, please chat with us, call to speak with an Arrowzoom specialist, or fill out our free room analysis form for personalized sound advice.

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