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by Arrow Zoom Limited 14 Oct 2022


Whether you have a recording studio elsewhere or you record from home, quality sound is non-negotiable. However, you cannot achieve this when noise from the environment finds its way into your recordings. Therefore, it is essential that you find solutions to this problem. You will find the cheapest way to tackle this challenge here.

How To Soundproof A Room If You Are On A Budget

Some of the solutions that can effectively help soundproof a room include adding upholstered furniture, adding area rugs, and using curtains and window treatments. However, these are not cheap options, especially if you are just starting your career as a music producer.

So, if you prefer cheaper alternatives, here they are:

Use Blankets


Using blankets to soundproof your room is a free option, especially if you have extra blankets at home. When using this option, it is better that you use thick blankets because thicker ones will be more effective in blocking out the source of the noise.

Before using the blanket, decide whether you do not want the sound you are producing to go out or whether you want to seal out the noise from the environment. You will need blankets on all sides if your intention is to keep your sound within your room.

On the other hand, if your intention is to prevent external noise from getting in, fix the blankets to the door or wall from which the sound is coming. Use tails, screws, and tacks to hang the blankets.

Get Acoustic Panels


The use of blankets often requires pulling large pieces of furniture around the source of sound to soundproof the room but it can be stressful. Instead, it is better you get acoustic panels. They are of various sizes and qualities depending on your budget. Nonetheless, you can be certain that you can find a worthwhile option regardless of your budget.

You need acoustic panels, especially when you live in an area where there is high traffic or you have noisy neighbors. How about crying children? They are a music producer’s nightmare. Yet, you can overcome their nuisance with acoustic panels.

Pocket-Friendly Soundproofing Foam


For a device that can help you produce top-quality and noise-free sounds, soundproofing forms are extremely cheap. You will always get good value for your money if you invest in one.

Soundproofing foams are available in various colors, which makes them capable of adding to the beauty of your room. They give a professional look to your recording studio while helping you record high-grade sound.

Add Background Noise


There are various ways you can achieve this. You can use a fan, sound machine, or air purifier to add white noise to your recordings. This will dilute or mute unwanted sounds to ensure that you have a professional sound.

Sound machines can match the sound of rain and other natural sounds around you. Meanwhile, air purifiers and fans help to mask any unwanted sound by adding white noise to the recording.

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