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Black and Blue Acoustic Foams Gaming Set Up Idea

by Arrow Zoom Limited 15 Feb 2022


If you have ever played a video game, you will agree with us that there is nothing that gives gamers satisfaction than high volume. If you have young people in the house, you will always complain. They won’t stop gaming. And when they begin playing, be sure they won’t play low volume. Lowering the volume isn’t fun.

Eliminating echoes and lowering reverberation time in your room is imperative for increasing sound clarity. This will help you communicate better with your teammates, and it will help you hear important aspects of gameplay more clearly. Adding sound absorption to the walls and ceiling is the most important when preventing echoes and lowering reverb. You can also use thick cloth curtains over windows or thick rugs on the floor to add extra absorption in the room.

When you are streaming on twitch or other platforms is important to provide professional quality audio. If your audio has echoes and is hard to understand people will not enjoy your stream and you will not gain as many followers. This is where Acoustic Panels such as Pyramid Foam comes handy. SLRevTV, a YouTube influencer with over 100,000 subscribers upgraded his set up with Black and Blue Pyramid Foams. Let's learn more here!



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