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Acoustic Treatment: The Ultimate Guide for Home Studios

by Arrow Zoom Limited 07 Apr 2022

sound absorbers

The essentials of a great studio room is a well-optimized enclosed room. The acoustic treatment of a studio room is a crucial factor in determining the quality of music production. There is a process to customize the studio room by working on acoustic treatments by setting up sound absorbers to enhance the output of music and mixing to get desired results.

Acoustic treatment is done by balancing the studio room with the proper equipment and the design/set-up of the room. Recording equipment is not enough to ensure a greater output, hence, many factors come into play. A room with a pleasing acoustically treated environment ensures better results. And an untreated room could cause a hindrance in production, and you may get looped and frustrated in re-recording sessions repeatedly, unaware of the fact that despite having all the essential recording equipment, you need to sound treat your room.

Acoustic treatment demands a soundproof room upto an extent, but there’s a lot more to it, and we will discuss them thoroughly in this blog.

Best Acoustic Treatments For Home Studios

sound absorbing panels
  • Acoustic Panels
  • As music and mixing producers, we all know that absorbing the sound reflection in a recording studio room plays a key role in getting that punchy, clear tone and vocals as a final output. Acoustic panels do the job by absorbing the reflecting unwanted sound waves which hinder our performance. These sound absorbing panels are made of composite materials that have properties of sound absorption. You can simply paste or fix these composite panels on the walls of the recording room to prevent sound reflection.

  • Diffusers
  • Acoustic diffusers come next when customizing the room for acoustic treatment. Acoustic panels alone are not sufficient to get the desired results. Diffusers play an important role. Having a rutted surface with holes and uneven blocks with sound wave absorbing properties, it scatters your voice in multi-directions.

    sound absorbing foam

  • Monitor isolation pads
  • This equipment is yet another important addition to your list of acoustic treatments to set up a professional home studio. Monitor isolation pads are used to balance and suppress unwanted vibrations or distorted sounds from the speakers due to the flat and stiff surface monitors sit on. During a playback, monitors’ casings vibrate and produce unwanted resonance or sound that affects the overall sound quality. Hence, a good monitor isolation pad helps improve the home listening environment apart from acoustics.

  • Mic isolation pads/shields
  • The microphone isolation shields are one of the major equipment used by podcasters, musicians, and YouTubers. It helps make your audio recordings and sound output more professional. It simply protects your mic by surrounding it, preventing any unwanted background sound that interferes with your mic. It has uneven and dense padded shields that protect it from capturing sound waves and reflections, enabling you to produce balanced sound output. This is a versatile sound acoustic equipment having sound absorbing foam, used by micro-influencers and musicians as it doesn’t necessarily demand a proper recording studio room and is portable.

  • Bass Traps
  • Whether it’s a tiny bedroom studio or a standard recording studio, the corners of the room have properties of reflecting the low-frequency sound waves. This is where Bass traps come in handy. These are meant for absorbing the low and mid-range frequencies by suppressing the unwanted reflections of sound waves. And this should come on the priority list while setting up a perfect recording studio room. These adsorbents are different from acoustic panels, and diffusers as the sound waves in low frequency have a longer decay time and let out stronger reflections. Hence they come with thicker pads to stabilize the unwanted reflections.

    Time To Set Up Your Dream Home Studio

    No doubt setting up a good home recording studio could cost you a fortune. And there are plenty of online and offline shops that provide acoustic panels and studio equipment with hefty price tags, enough to burn a hole in your pocket. ArrowZoom is your pal, having a complete studio set-up solution and specialized acoustic treatment tools to make your productions more professional at a marginally low cost.

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